whats your story, lauren?

In summer 2017, my best friend asked me to paint an old leather jacket she had. Having never painted on fabric before, I frantically assured her that when (not if) I messed this jacket up that I'd buy her a new one. After painting for days at a painfully slow pace (did I mention that I was terrified to mess up this jacket?) I fell in love with the finished product and ran to my closet to find something of my own to paint. A lot less pressure this time around, I found my rhythm and style on a tory burch bag and denim jacket.

Upon completion I did what any self-respecting millennial would do, I posted them all on Instagram. The resulting whirlwind of shares, jobs, jackets and everything in between is something that is still unfolding and has afforded me the opportunity to work for myself full time.

more details, please

While you may know me for my painted jackets, I'm also trained in graphic design and illustration. I was born raised in Queens, NY and received my BFA in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in 2016. Digital design is great and all but I'm an old fashioned gal and love working with my hands, paticularly lettering.

My goal in any project I take on is providing my clients with art that is one of a kind (if ya know me, you'll know I never paint the same custom design twice). I love being able to combine my hand lettering and illustration style with my clients ideas/needs, whether it is executed digitally, on a jacket, a bag or anything else (I'll seriously try to paint on anything) to create a finished piece we are both happy with.


Over the past year my clients have included: 

lively, cockpit usa, my social canvas, gelmart international, lucky fox ny + foodstirs






Interviews, jacket mentions aka people who vibe with what I'm doing, you get it.


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