_here's the RUN DOWN

paint my jacket, lauren!  

_YOU must provide the garment. Please also keep in mind that I never paint the same custom design twice. If you love something you see on here, we can customize it to you!

_Reach out to me below and tell me what you'd like on the garment  (i.e. Hey Lauren! I'd love you to paint my name on the back of my leather jacket in a nice script!) Put: CUSTOM JOB in the subject. If you aren't sure about what you want, we can come up with something together!

_Once we discuss and I OK the design, I will give you a price and a link to pay! (I will NOT start work on a jacket until I have been paid) 

_Once I receive the jacket and the total has been paid in full, it will usually be a 4-6 week turnaround time (I will notify you of any change to this)

let me paint your stuff!

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